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Our leading Gynaecology consultant, Mr Khalil Abdo, is highly experienced and regarded in the area of Women’s health. We are able to offer a range of advice and treatment for patient’s who are struggling to conceive. Working closely with the Reproductive Health Group, our satelllite clinic here in Preston is able to offer patients a local service for the regular appointments that are needed to undertake IVF.

There for you

Our dedicated team will still be there for you during each step of your recovery, even once you have left the hospital if you have any queries or concerns. Our consultants will usually book a follow-up appointment with you before you are discharged from hospital, to see how you are doing.

Whilst it is rare occurrence, surgery does carry a risk of complications. These depend on the type of operation you have as well as a variety of other factors such as your overall general health. During your consultation/s your consultant will discuss the possible risks and complications of having this procedure, and how they may apply to you, and answer any concerns or questions you have.

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